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Welcome to the Melting Igloo's bookstore, which comes with our personal selection of some of the great buys of the internet marketplace. Browse through our favorites, and buy them if you wish, or you could search for for your own favorites and purchase them as well. You can buy the specified item by clicking on the corresponding image, or on the "Buy It" link. Happy shopping!

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Buy it today! James Cameron's Titanic. Some stories are better on paper, you just might think so in this case.
Buy it today! Mario Lemieux : The Final Period. A tribute to Route66, Le Magnifique, Super Mario, the Man. Need I say more???
Buy it today! A Day in the Life of the National Hockey League. Must see-read for any ice-blooded NHL fan! In general, it's a photo essay taken on one day of the 1995-96 hockey season, great pictures! Probably the nicest ones to look at are the pre-game photos, because those are the scenes we rarely see watching on tv.
Buy it today! Quest for the Cup : The Detroit Red Wings' Unforgettable Journey to the 1997 Stanley Cup. This was the first of their back-to-back cup trips, and probably the more incredible of the two, because they had to slay a 51 year old cup curse, and needed to beat two teams with better records (and home-ice advantage).
But it today! The Grapes of Wrath. Recommended reading by my friend "D", it chronicles the flight of the Joad family from Oklahoma to California during the era of the Dust Bowl phenomena.  Steinbeck captures the experiences of migrant families through the "local color" of language and detailed observations of daily life, delivering a brilliant multi-hued portrait of migrant life during the first half of the 1900's.  A must read for anyone interested in class distinctions and economic inequalities.
Buy it today! Archangel, another recommendation from "D". The Archangel Gabriel's search for his intended bride Rachel and their subsequent relationship play against the backdrop of Samaria, a new science fiction/ fantasy world created by Sharon Shinn.  In a time when the faith of both angels and mortals is about to be tested, Rachel and Gabriel struggle to understand each other before the wrath of the god splits the world in half.  "Archangel" explores not only the idea of what it means to love, but introduces a society whose development is chronicled in the subsequent books of the trilogy, "Jovah's Angel" and "The Alleluia Files."

Buy it today! Different Seasons. I read this book about 10 years ago while in high school, and I still vividly recall the stories, the two best of the four here, in my opinion, are "The Body" and "Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption. Incidentally, those two stories became the movies "Stand by Me" and "The Shawshank Redemption", respectively.
Buy it today! Skeleton Crew. Shorter stories than in "Different Seasons", and greater in number. Still, it's classic Stephen King. Personal favorite of mines: "Survivor Type".
Buy it today! Cindy Crawford's Basic Face. Probably Roselle's preferred kind of reading : ). It's about working out, with makeup!
Buy it today! Drive : The Story of My Life. Must-read for any green-blooded Boston Celtics fan. Provides a unique perspective on the career highs and lows of Larry Bird. Actually, he shows his funny side and trash talking attitude as well in this book.
Buy it today! MTV's Beavis and Butthead's Ensucklopedia. uh huh huh huh, even if you're not into the series, you're bound to get into it if you read this book. Great for a bundle of laughs, and you don't have to wait til late night, either! Look out for Butthead's analysis of the Human Butt!
  Buy it today! Aquarium Fish : How to Care for Them, Feed Them, and Understand Them (Family Pet Series). Great read if you are currently or planning to own aquarium fish.
Buy it today!  Dogs! : For Today's Pet Owner from the Publishers of Dog Fancy Magazine (Fun & Care). Dogs can be a joy to raise, and having this resource would no doubt help in achieving a good relationship with your dog and keeping it healthy.
Buy it today! Cats! : For Today's Pet Owner from the Publishers of Cat Fancy Magazine (Fun & Care Book). Cats can be great to raise too, and this is the info resource for understanding and keeping a cat.

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