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a site done by Jerome Baquilar of Waipahu, Hawaii, and Baguio City, Philippines, featuring literature, poetry, friend links, travel tips and information, sports, and internet money saving ideas!  

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HREF="http://members.tripod.com/~baquilar/travels.htm">"Traveler's de-light" is my advisory/advice section for people going to, in, or out of the Philippine's Manila International Airport for any concievable reason. Photos there give you a general idea of important location's appearances. I also have a survey/poll oriented page devoted to the visit/don't visit places of Baguio City, with photos.   

Junkyard is an unofficial society, more like a close knit circle of friends, mostly foreigners in the Philippines, in Saint Louis University, Baguio. This site is devoted to keeping present and departed "members" in touch with each other as well as for holding memories of times past.   

the Shopper's mall offers a chance to purchase quality books, Compact Discs, VHS tapes, DVD's, and more over the internet.   

"Personally yours" gives you the chance to find out a few things about yours truly, the humble site author    

Family, friends, and acquaintances holds links to web pages and sites by people I know, and fully recommend visiting. Even has pics of the people! 

the Melting Igloo's playing surface is my sports site, so to speak. Find out what kinds of sports, teams, etc. I like, and how weird I am with eerie comparisons of players/teams! Also,you'll have a chance to hang your jersey number and name from the rafters!   

The Melting Igloo 2. My "other" site, for a different, yet similar brand of features! 

Finally, you can reach me over email by getting in touch with me through this little Feedback page.   

My first ever award, given to me by the incredibly cool and kind Hannah Coen!

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