Nowhere to Hide
by Jerome Baquilar
It always seems you're everywhere I go,
No matter where on earth that may be.
You even invade my most self-centered thoughts,
You never fail to appear in my dreams.
I refused to accept the love you gave me,
For reasons you just wouldn't understand.
Because of that, is it right for you
To force yourself into my life?
Although I didn't really know why
I refused that love you freely gave,
I find myself at an impasse, wondering
What your relentless pursuit means.
Does it mean if I changed my mind,
I'd have the undying love of a beautiful soul?
Or, will it make me a prisoner
Of your possesive spirit?
How I wish the answer were so easy
To come upon, the right answer.
Because, 'til then, I'll always be here
In sight of your eyes, with nowhere to hide.