The Rafters!
You're now looking up at the rafters of the Melting Igloo's playing surface. TMI's surface is an undefined athletic surface, where you can participate in any kind of sport, be it ice/roller hockey, basketball, football, baseball, boxing, heck, maybe even swimming. Practically anything under the sun/roof. And, it doesn't matter how good you are at your sport (pro? community league? weekend warrior? couch potato?), the only thing that counts is a love for the game. And, that's all that really counts, right? In that spirit, this page is meant to honor some very special athletes having such passion for their respective sports, and here is where they hang their jersey numbers for everyone to take notice. These honored names and numbers are here to stay, so, take the nostalgic view! (a very special thanks goes to my daughter "Weezie" Baquilar for handing me the shareware CD-ROM which had the Coffeecup editor which made this page what it is now. Thanks, Weezie!) 
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Danielle Louise Baquilar, an aspiring baseball player, loves watching baseball on tv, and playing catch with her dad. She also likes watching (sports) commercials, playing with tv remote controls, and the Green Bay Packers.
Amy Laron has been playing  volleyball for two years, and counting. A great passer and set-up artiste, she makes effective use of her experience on the volleyball courts.
The sport James Carlo Fontanilla calls his own is horseback riding. With the guidance and watchful eye of his father, he says, made him a pretty decent rider, and has been into the sport for four years.
Jessica rows port for the WPHS Crew, most often found in the girls 4 or girls 8. She currently rows seat four in the girls 8.
Andre Fontanos simply loves to play basketball. He puts his best effort forth in shooting, playing defense, and rebounding. He also loves watching NBA basketball on tv, and playing EA Sports' NBA Live 98 on the PC.
Among other things, Arvi Joy Castillo considers herself an avid participant in gymnastics. Though she admits to strengths and weaknesses (which she keeps secret!) in her sport, she will concede that she also loves watching MTV, dancing, in-line skating, swimming, poetry, and traveling.
Roselle De Guia states that she's a fan of the sport of volleyball. Although not participating in the game very often, she does love to watch others play. She also likes the thought of having her own "posh" web page, addressed at
Elsalyn De Guia likes playing badminton. Nimble afoot and possessing hand-eye coordination are key to her being a great driver in the game! She also likes watching MTV in her free time.
Winnie Sombrito avidly participates in the sport of table tennis. Pretty quick with the hands and feet, she can be very competitive. She also loves playing with her niece, Danielle (the feeling is actually mutual!)
Aldwin Sombrito plays basketball with a passion. Despite his obvious lack of height, he survives in the game with his ball-handling skills and outside shooting. He admits to a weakness in playing inside with the towers of the game, and doesn't lay-up very well.
"D" loves the sport of volleyball, whether it be on sand, beach, or hardcourt. Heck, she could play on ice if the rules said so! Her smarts on the court more than make up for her relative lack of height, and lead to many a golden opportunity for her teammates. 
Dustin Cheng plays roller hockey in the Philippine Amateur Hockey Association. A great team player, he's also tough defensively, intense, and a good passer. He admits to loving the floor too much, saying you could find him there quite often. He's always there to answer the bell, though!
Basketball seems to run in Roldan Silva's blood. So much so that his three brothers also play the game with more than occasional frequency! He's a pretty smart player on the court, using his skills and offensive awareness to his advantage. He also likes movies and listening to music.
A hockey fan, Anka loves watching because of the speed and action involved in the game, as well as the finer points such as the fighting, high stick artists, and blind refs. She confesses to never really learning to skate, but she did ride a bike as a kid. She loves Jeremy Roenick and the Phoenix Coyotes.
Jerome Baquilar likes a lot of sports, but hockey is where his heart will always be. Or, where it will go on : ) His in-line skating prowess, size, and hand-grenade puck in the zone mentality nearly took him to an RHI tryout camp. He also loves watching football, baseball, and golf.
Basketball is Earl De Guia's sport. He's good at assisting others in scoring, though he says he really not that good. Yet. When not handling the basketball, he can be seen watching tv at home.
"LDarkness" used to play forward in basketball, but nowadays consumes time online in the "sport" of The Site Fights! And likes watching wrestling when not online.
Donna Baquilar is an NFL football couch potato! She likes the Pittsburgh Steelers, and in particular Kordell "formerly known as Slash" Stewart and Jerome "the Bus" Bettis. She also likes in-line skating, Sergei Fedorov, and the Detroit Red Wings.
Allan Paul Castillo is a relatively tall basketball player who takes pride in his ability to shoot and rebound. He does say he can't handle the ball very well, although for his strengths he probably doesn't need to. He also enjoys playing soccer.
Joe Datoc is a football guy. He once had his back twisted while being clipped in mid-air during a high school game. He considers himself as a wide-reciever, though he's pretty good at throwing the ol' pigskin as well!
When Joseph Umali steps onto the basketball court, he deceives you. You'd think he's an inside force. But he handles the ball like a guard, and shoots from long distance! And plays pretty well inside too. He does have to learn about defense and hustling though, but his strengths more than compensate for that.
Ray Takahashi considers baseball and basketball his sports of choice. Nearly made it as a collegiate baseball player! And basketball, let's say his desire to win can be very motivating, and his bullet passes nearly took off many a teammate's hand. Including mines!
Pat Galamay is a great basketball point guard. Like his idol, Earvin "Magic" Johnson, he has that uncanny ability to find the open teammate with his passes, and also is a great anticipator in stealing passes, which is good considering his relative lack of quickness! 
You can't count the nicknames James Nomura's earned (and not earned, too!) on the basketball court and off of it. "Hammer", "The Fly", "Speedy", "Jimmy", to name a few. But, one thing is constant: if you want to win, you want him on your team for his speed, passing, defense, and court sense!
Among Allen Baquilar's feats as a basketball player are being in the 1995 Aloha State games, and in the UH Intramurals for 5 straight years. Can handle the rock, hit teammates w/ perfect passes.  Streaky shooter good from medium range, but not anywhere beyond that range! Plays hard when mad. You wouldn't like him if he's angry!
Nicknamed "Showtime", Ron Sardina was born to play roller hockey.  He possesses great speed. He gets more breakaways than anyone in the game, and once he gets the puck you'll never catch him.  He loves to shoot top shelf glove side.  He's a flashy player with a great offensive skills and is always ready to turn a goalie to swiss cheese. His only weakness is playing defense. 
Vicki Asato loves all sports, but she loves to play volleyball. She plays every weekend with friends, and says that if she doesn't dive and get dirty, then she hasn't really played! She also fills her thirst for sports by working for the Arizona State University football team.
Julian Teodoro loves playing midfield, right side, or as a sub goalie in soccer. A fan of the France team, his strengths are ball handling, dribbling, speed, and close range shots, free kicks and penalties. Weakness is uncontrollable, hard kicks. Says he can play soccer anywhere, anytime and anyplace, concrete,  
grass, mud and also rain or shine.

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