"Weeping Willow"
a song written by Pauline Villanueva
She goes to her room,
Sits and cries.
She's so lonesome.
She wants to die.
"What good is life," she asks,
"when nobody wants you?
How do you forget
When your past always haunts you?"
Weeping Willow,
Crying for me.
Weeping Willow,
Trying to be
Someone she's not
And it's giving her pain.
Weeping Willow,
You don't have to change.
She wakes up at night
And she broods
About her memories,
About her childhood.
She remembers the screaming
And the abuse.
She recalls crying and praying
For God to let her loose.
Weeping Willow.
All alone.
Weeping Willow
Nowhere to call home.
I'm here for you.
Don't give up just yet.
Weeping Willow
Your cheeks are so wet.
She tries to get up.
She can't cry anymore.
But she's overwhelmed
And crumples to the floor.
She says she's no good,
Making me suffer this way.
But I love her
And I'm going to stay.
Weeping Willow.
Don't cry for me.
Weeping Willow.
Don't die on me.
I need you and I'll help you.
Everything will be all right.
Weeping Willow
Don't leave this world tonight.
Weeping Willow
Trembles at my touch.
Weeping Willow
Been through so much.
Close your eyes now.
Get some sleep
While I pray to the Lord
Your soul to keep.
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