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In memory of my long-time canine friend, Rocky, who passed away recently. We miss you, Rocky!
This is Muggsy, who passed away only weeks before Rocky. We miss you too!
The new perk of my page: a Titanic slide show, specifically, the "I'm Flying" sequence
It was Jerome's work that brought this about, but it was my idea. Since I don't know much about these things, he did it. Now, his feelings and perspective about this sequence of "Titanic", since, I'm still kinda shy and all about this:
The flying scene was really, quite a moving one, at least for me. Though from this point on, perhaps the movie became somewhat predictable in nature, this scene from the movie really touched on certain emotions, or, certain feelings (the same thing?). One is, excitement, in that Rose intends to pursue a new life with Jack, damn all the rich people and material aspects of life. Secondly, love, because up to that point, the two had been dancing and playing with each other's feelings. Another is fear, because, they just got "together", and you know they're aboard the RMS Titanic, and you know the unsinkable ship is gonna sink. The last one (although there may be more, this is just my perspective), and you might have to watch it a second time or reminisce to capture this one: compassion, because, as the elderly Rose said after the scene, "That was the last time Titanic ever saw the light of day". Anyways, hope you like what I did just above here with that cool sequence : )  ----> Jerome
Sergei Fedorov, my favorite NHL player
Sergei with the Stanley Cup in 1997
 Me & Weezie!  
My cousin, Roselle De Guia 


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