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My family, friends, and acquaintances

Due to my influential influence ; ), quite a few of my family and friends also have stamped their respective marks on the internet with their own web pages/sites, in different categories. Some of them have also been designed by me as well, with input suggested by the respective page owners. Note how I have carelessly lumped my family, friends, and acquaintances together, and in no particular order (kinda like my room, and my computer!). Anyways, I fully encourage a visit to these people's web addresses (note: maybe the ones who've put up pics here think they're good looking? maybe not? YOU decide ; )  )   

Psycho Al's Bombastic Site (http://www2.hawaii.edu/~baquilar) my bro Allen's site. The cool things you can find here are: pics, Guess Who Babooze, Stink Links, and more. BTW, you can find some more pics of me, Donna, Weezie, Roselle, et al. Sign his "graffiti wall"! 
Roselle's Web Domain: (https://members.tripod.com/~roselle9/home.htm) my cousin-in-law Roselle de Guia is a fashion buff. She's also very much on the lookout for new people to talk to over email, so, if you'd like to meet someone new, check her page out, and e-mail her too.
RayRay's homepage: (https://members.tripod.com/~HawnPnch/rayray.html) my high school buddy Raymond "Higgins" Takahashi's web page. Has some good links, and cool Hawaii pictures! And, don't forget to sign his guestbook as well.   
WeezieWorld!: (https://members.tripod.com/~baquilar/weezie.htm) my daughter Danielle Louise's web page. New pics posted (somewhat) regularly!  
Donna's page: (https://members.tripod.com/~baquilar/donna.htm) my wife Donna's page. She doesn't have much there, but still worth a looksy. She's still thinking of how to develop her page more.   
Jumpman's Mousepad: (http://www.aloha.net/~kamk) my high school buddy Kevin "Kebe" Kaneshiro's website!  Basketball musings, theatre critique, computer hardware info, and jokes abound here.   
Joyce's House : (https://members.tripod.com/~baquilar/joyce.htm) Joyce Sombrito is looking for a pen pal or more. Are you looking for one too? Check her page out!
JJ's, B-Ball King site : (http://home.hawaii.rr.com/japostol) Jason Apostol's site is a definite must see for avid fantasy sports people, as well as basketball things, online gaming, jokes, and a lot more!   
Theresa's Turning Page of Poetry (http://www.geocities.com/Paris/Cafe/7611) Love her poetry! So, definitely visit this site if you're looking to read a cool mind turning poem or more. Sign her guestbook!
Scott's I Love Hanson homepage! (http://home.hawaii.rr.com/lippy) Scott Komatsu doesn't like Hanson, he loves them!!! Be sure to send Scott some Hanson email!   
Nicca's website! : (http://www.thepentagon.com/nicca) screenplays, and short stories written by Lara Mia Veronica Misa Garcia (did I miss a name? :) ) are the backbone of this multi-faceted site. If only for the stories, you won't be disappointed! Don't forget to sign her guestbook!
Stu's Titanic-Free Site : (http://home.hawaii.rr.com/gokings) sorry to disappoint Titanic and Leo DiCaprio fans, but Stu Hirayama's site has links, ramblings, a contest, some personal info, and no Titanic. Sign his guestbook!  
Margaret's Story Page : (http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Atrium/9578) Margaret Marr writes some great stories, and I have to say I particularly like her love and inspirational stories, and can't wait for more! In the mood to read? This is the place to visit! And, don't forget to sign her guestbook!  
Irv's Homepage : (http://home.hawaii.rr.com/irv/top.htm) among other cool things, this site has one of the most innovatively interactive basketball themes I've ever seen: play b-ball at Waipio, Hawaii on Sunday afternoons? Then you have an excellent chance of making it onto this site!  
Jade's Unkups page : (http://www1.webquest.com/~jade) Jade Typoco's website introduces a weird and funny form of webspeak. She's also probably the resident non-official authority on info re: SM Megamall, Philippines, esp. on the ice rink, and hockey. Sign her guestbook!   
Pat's Forum : (https://members.tripod.com/~galamay/home.htm) another of my high school buddies, Patrick Galamay's page has some cool links, a little personal info, a Top Ten list, a neato Java applet, and more on the way. Sign his guestbook!
Raindancer's Refuge: (http://www.geocities.com/area51/shire/3277) Raindancer's site most prominently features some great stories as well as other types of writings. Lots of other things here as well. Sign her guestbook!
Jimmy's Hyper Xtreme Site: (http://members.aol.com/hypermmx) my high school buddy James "Yoji" Nomura's site boasts archives, links to mountain biking and automotive resources, and some cool animated graphics. Sign his guestbook!
Arvi's Page of Joy! : (https://members.tripod.com/~baquilar/arvijoy.htm) my cousin-in-law Arvi Joy Castillo now has a cool "little" poetry home page up! She's the newest of newbies to the web world, so go easy on her : ) And please sign her guestbook!!!   
Hannah's Place (http://www.xmission.com/~arogers) Hannah Coen's from New Zealand, and claiming to reside on Mars! Her site contains cool page graphics, her poetry, and beautiful photos of New Zealand. She gave me the awesome award on my main page. Sign her guestbook!   
Jerome's Melting Igloo! : (http://www.bigfoot.com/~rhi19) err, it's a, cool site, you know! Yaddas...sign my guestbook!   
Jofrey Ruiz's site: the ultimate Quake fan's site! Formerly a closed site, due to Mad Cow disease, which led to the opening of Jose's Taco Stand.  
Hecster's site: Hec Gongon's rad graphics site!   

Dusty's Roller Hockey site : Dustin Cheng's site represents the future of the sport of roller hockey in the Philippines. Yes, they/we are up against it, but with all our hopes and prayers on their side, the sport could flourish in basketball country, you just never know!  

Greg Kingsley's Hiking Site : though he says there's very few hikes so far, it's getting bigger in number. This site is definitely worth visiting if you're into the wilderness and nature scene in Hawaii, not to mention hiking as well!  

RocSmasher's Home Page : games, humor, soaps, cards, web design help, kids page & 
more -- too much to list here!  Janice's site is updated very often.  

Web Page for Writers : Are you an aspiring writer, or someone looking for stories/poetry to read? You gotta check this site out! Two of my "babies" are posted there, and this site is updated very often. James Stokes' site inspires you to "Keep on writing!"   

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